Helpful tips

Paying Tuition Balance

Should applicants pay the balance of their tuition fee after they have submitted an application they MUST advise the grant program and submit the additional “proof of payment” document.

Did you know that a complete application can have as little as 4 documents?

1) Application form
2) Letter from employer
3) Acceptance into a ECE program with course(s) listed
4) A copy of their tuition receipt

Leaving a detailed email or voicemail

When contacting our office by email or when leaving a voicemail, please include your first and last name, as well as your date of birth.

Submitting only one application

All applicants are to submit one application per semester. Do not submit multiples copies of the same application.

There are several options when submitting an application

Applicants may submit an application in one of the following methods: an online application, an emailed application, a faxed application or a mailed application.

We must know the site of your primary employment

A reminder that employment letters must indicate which site the applicant primarily works.

Submitting proof of payment details

Confirmation of enrolment/registration is NOT considered as proof of payment. When submitting proof of payment, the document must include the following:

  • First and last name
  • Method of payment
  • Amount paid

The final step when faxing your documents

When faxing documents, it is recommended that you contact the Grants Office (1-866-989-9299) to confirm that your fax was clearly received.

Do not send duplicate documents

Sending duplicates will delay payment and slow processing time. Payments will be delayed if duplicate documents are sent.

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