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In Early Childhood Education

Financial support is available to eligible applicants in the form of an education grant, travel grant, and training allowance. Learn how you can become eligible by clicking the link below. We are currently accepting all applications for the Spring/Summer 2021. Full-time students can submit applications for the Fall 2021 semester starting June 21, 2021. Part-time students can submit applications for the Fall 2021 semester starting July 26, 2021.


Nora just applied to our grants program for the winter semester. Learn how you can do the same.

Grant Eligible


Qualifications Upgrade

Supporting individuals working with children within home, center-based agencies, family support programs, or publicly funded schools to obtain an Early Childhood Education diploma and become eligible to apply for membership with the College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE).


Supporting professional development and ongoing quality improvement for child care supervisors, or those aspiring to leadership roles in early years settings. Introducing the ECE Leadership certification, an extension to the ECE Qualifications Upgrade Program.

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A special thank you to all the staff for answering my phone calls, emails and everyone behind the scenes that I will not see but helped to look over all my documents, approved my application and send me a friendly reminder that I’ve missed something to hand in. It’s greatly appreciated.
I am so glad that a friend shared information about ECE Grant's being available. Without these grants, I would have not made it through. Thank you ECE Grants program.
I wholeheartedly appreciate this opportunity to upgrade my learning with financial assistance.
I am so grateful for this grant. It has helped me work towards getting my ECE diploma. I am in my last year, and it has not let me with huge school debt.
Thank you for making this grant available. Without it I would never have had the opportunity to pursue my education.
With the help of the grant I was able to complete the ECE program in 3 years part-time. Thank you.

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